33 ft Custom Speed Boat

Boat Details

Length 30 ft
Speed 30 mph

33 Ft Custom Speed Boat, its speedy appearance, and powered by 2 x 200 HP motors, this boat is very fast & comfortable!

We offer you one of our large & spacious speedboat for rental. A captain is always on board.

Dimensions: 33 Ft Custom Speed Boat is a 10-meter long and 3-meter wide custom-made Open Fisherman.

Boat Capacity: We allow a maximum of 10 persons on board. You will always have enough space to move comfortably on the boat.

About The Captain: Our Captain is dedicated to your comfort and a memorable time on the waters while aboard, and is very professional and amiable.

Trip Details

The perfect vacation starts by renting a boat! When you visit Bonaire, you should not miss the underwater world. Bonaire is well known for its blue waters and magnificent riffs.

Captain will take you to the most beautiful places. You can use the snorkel gear for free. So besides cruising the lovely waters, you can also enjoy a snorkel trip, a Snooba adventure or you can make a dive together with a guide. Ideal for families, and on board we have cold beverages on offer!

Private - Sunset Cruise (2.5 hours)

  • $250 USD
  • The Sunset Cruise is customized. Contact us for all options and arrangements. The departure times are seasonal. The price is dependent on your wishes. Kindly contact us for the quotation. We will organize a perfect trip for you!

    The sunsets on Bonaire are often breathtakingly beautiful. At Aqua Fun Bonaire you have the possibility to admire one of those sunsets from the boat. During the sunset cruise you will be spoiled with a drink and a snack.

PRIVATE – Half Day Charter (4 Hours)

  • $375 USD
  • Take your family on a boat trip! Bring a nice snack and drink on board and discover Bonaire from the water. When you rent the boat for half a day, you can cruise on the water for 4 hours. The captain is included! You can set up your own program. There is enough time to make 2 dive stops, snorkeling, or some Scuba adventures. You can even choose if you would like to sail away in the morning or in the afternoon. Contact us so we can arrange your boat trip!
    Rate Details/Includes:
    • Captain included
Full dive set 42 USD, Lunch 15 USD, Snooba 35 USD, Trip to National Park 50 USD

PRIVATE – Full Day Charter (6h)

  • $500 USD
  • You can rent the boat for an entire day. This gives you 6 hours to discover Bonaire from the water. Sufficient time to do some diving, snorkeling, or a snooda-adventure. What a perfect way to spend the entire day on the water with your family. We can stop at several magnificent places during these 8 hours. You even have options for lunch; you can either eat it on the boat or we make a stop on Klein Bonaire. If you prefer to leave a bit later on the day, then a beautiful sunset awaits you. Please contact us to arrange your program for the day.
    Rate Details/Includes:
    • Captain Included
Trip to National Park 50 USD, Lunch 15 USD, Full dive set 42 USD, Snooba 35 USD