44 Фт Петерсон Саилинг Боат - Boner Чартери чамаца

О овој јахти

44 Ft Peterson Sailing Boat is a must-see for anybody searching for an extremely comfortable and secure worldwide sailor. The welcoming atmosphere makes you feel at ease. If you would like to go for sailing in max comfort, she is the yacht for you.

Dimensions: LOA 43.10 Ft (13,36 m.), LWL 38.8 Ft (11.78 m.), Beam 12.11 Ft (3.93 m.), Draft 6.4 Ft (1.98 m.)

Accommodations: A queen-size berth in the aft stateroom, a single berth in the forward stateroom, a settee that transforms into a double berth in the salon, and a single-size bench seat/berth in the salon. 3 Single Berths, 2 Double Berths, 2 Cabins, 1 Head

Navigational: VHF, GPS, battery monitoring systems, and desk.

Galley: Icebox, Double stainless-steel sinks, Dry storage, Storage drawers, cabinets, and shelves, Stainless steel BBQ grill on the aft deck.

Trip Details

Private Cruises Bonaire: Our Sailboat is the perfect ship for private cruises whether it’s a family or business trip, private sailing, or romantic rendez - vous. We gladly meet your wish to give you a tailor-made sailing cruise.

Possibilities: Private dinner on the Compass or on the beach

- Champagne party

- Cruise with the photo shoot

- Bonaire Regatta

- Birthday

- Retirement

- Wedding

- Caribbean dance party

Whatever you want we can make it happen. We have a grill on board, so a BBQ is guaranteed. We can cater to vegetarians as well, no problem.

The Best Things about snorkeling in Bonaire:

1. Fantastic Sea Life On Bonaire you will find lots of different species of fish, corals, and sponges. If you like being underwater Bonaire is the place to be. Our guided snorkel tours can tell you a lot about the different kinds of species you will see underwater.

2. Easy to Access Pretty much every snorkeling spot on Bonaire is accessed from shore. Even a water taxi to Klein Bonaire is a very inexpensive water taxi ride and fun to do when you are on the island.

3. Good Depths For Snorkeling All around Bonaire there are nice shallow waters that are perfect for snorkeling. The reefs will start as soon as you enter the water and will show you lots of fish.

4. Nice Visibility & Comfortable Warm Water Because the west coast of Bonaire is always downwind you will experience good visibility. 100 feet is very common and with the bright sun, you can see a lot of different colors. Also, the water temperature is very comfortable around 80°F and the water at Lac Bay can be near 85°F cause of the shallow water.

Bonaire Mangroves: Near Lac Bay, you will find the mangroves. This place is not recommended to snorkel on your own. But a guided snorkeling tour is really great. You will swim through the mangroves and see lots of sponges growing on and small fish hiding between the roots. Take a visit to the mangrove center for this trip.

Snorkeling at 1000 steps Bonaire: When you drive along the Queen\'s Highway on the west side of the island you will come to a small place called 1000 steps. One of the best snorkeling spots on Bonaire.

A small stairway will give you access to a beach, and jump in the water to see a lot of turtles. The best time is in the early morning or late afternoon cause this snorkeling spot is busy during the day. Also, look out for your personal stuff cause this spot is well known by thieves because we know not everyone has a sailboat like us we also tell you some snorkeling spots that you can access easily from the shore.

Snorkeling at Klein Bonaire: The little island in front off the west coast of Bonaire is called Klein Bonaire. You can access it only by boat. Around Klein Bonaire, there are many snorkeling spots but the most famous and accessible one is No Name Beach. Every hour a water taxi is sailing its way up to Klein Bonaire and it will land on No Name Beach. From here you can have a great time on the beach and of course see lots of different fish, corals, and turtles while snorkeling. With our cruise, we will show you our favorite reefs.

Compass Sailing Bonaire organizes relaxing sailing and snorkel tours. We sail the beautiful waters of Bonaire and snorkel at Klein Bonaire, where the refreshing wind blows the sails. Your crew consists of Captain Wim and a crew member. Snorkel sets are available onboard.

Feel the sun, and wind and enjoy the waters with all their colorful fauna. Onboard, you will be pampered and can taste the fresh and deliciously made snacks, prepared by your well-experienced chef. We will make your sail and snorkel tour an unforgettable experience where all your senses will be tickled.

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Нудимо следећа путовања

  • 3-hour Snorkel Cruise at Klein Bonaire (Shared Charter)
    $43 USD

    We will sail to Klein Bonaire with our sloop Good Times, 3 hours of relaxing time. We bring you to Klein Bonaire where you can enjoy the beauty of the island, go snorkeling, swimming, hang on the beach or stay on board.

    Included: Snorkeling gear, water, virgin punch, and rum punch

    Not included: soft drinks, beer, and wine are available for a small additional price.

    Our boat is also available for private parties. For more information email us at partners@international-boat-charters.com

    The days of charter: Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

    Departure time: 9.00 am
    Arrival time: 12 pm

    Rate: $42.50 pp

    Additional Passenger rate: 43 USD
  • Sunset Cruise with Mojito and Tapas (Shared Charter)
    $50 USD

    Enjoy the most beautiful Sunset cruise on Bonaire. We welcome you aboard our sail yacht “ NAWATI” with a glass of mojito.

    During this sunset cruise, we spoil you with different delicious homemade tapas.

    We sail along the shoreline and enjoy the most beautiful sunset of Bonaire.


    Open bar, different soft drinks/ beer/ wine/ rose/ and of course Mojito.

    The cruise is every Friday night

    Departure: 4.30 pm
    Return: 7.00 pm

    Rate: $50.00 pp

    Additional Passenger rate: 50 USD
  • Half-Day Sail & Snorkel Cruise (Shared Charter)
    $60 USD

    We welcome you to join us aboard our beautiful Sailing boat for a great sail and snorkeling to one of the best riffs of Bonaire or Klein Bonaire for one hour of snorkeling where you will see the most colorful fishes. Sit back, relax, sail and enjoy the view of Bonaire’s coastline and Klein Bonaire’s shoreline from the deck of our 44’ Peterson sailing boat. Onboard, you will be pampered and can taste the deliciously made snacks.

    During our sail and snorkeling cruises, we give you much island information and Snorkel informatie en tips.

    Included: Snorkeling gear, soft drinks, and snacks.

    Departure from: Plaza Resort Marina

    Departure: 9.00 AM
    Return: 1.00 PM

    Half-day sail and snorkeling cruises $60.00 pp
    luxuriously lunch $70.00 pp

    Don’t forget your hat, sunblock, and sunglasses are highly recommended.

    Additional Passenger rate: 60 USD
  • 3-Hours sailing and snorkeling cruise specially designed tour for our cruise boat guests (Shared Charter)
    $60 USD

    Especially for our cruise boat guests, we organize a three-hour sail and snorkel trip.

    Enjoy the friendly atmosphere and space on board! During our trips, we only take up to 14 people on our 44 -foot long yacht.

    Included: snorkeling instruction/ Snorkeling gear/ snacks and drinks

    During the tour, the captain and the crew will answer all your questions about the island, its nature above and below water, and its friendly inhabitants.

    Rate: $60.00 pp

    Additional Passenger rate: 60 USD
  • Sunset Dinner and Snorkeling Cruise at Sea Bonaire on the Compass (Shared Charter)
    $85 USD

    Always wanted to see the blue waters around Bonaire or even snorkel in it? Come with us on our special Dinner Cruise at the Sea Bonaire sunset tour with a delicious BBQ and great music.

    Join us for a safely guided snorkel tour swimming in our amazing blue turquoise ocean with a big chance to see turtles, rays, parrotfish, needlefish

    We serve a delicious BBQ and give you a sunset never to forget!

    Included: Snorkeling gear, BBQ, soft drinks, and snacks

    Rate: $85.00 pp

    Additional Passenger rate: 85 USD
  • Cruise a day at Washington Slagbaai Marine Park (Shared Charter)
    $130 USD

    Enjoy a fantastic day on the water at Washington Slagbaai National Park on one of our beautiful sail yachts. We start the day strolling the ocean with breakfast served to you while we are sailing to the national park.

    When we arrive at Washington Slagbaai National Park, you can join us for a safely guided snorkel tour swimming in our amazing blue turquoise ocean with a big chance to see turtles, rays, parrot fish, needlefish, etc. or just relax in the sun of shade on board.

    At lunchtime, we serve you a delicious gourmet BBQ and relax onboard.

    At around 3.00 pm we will leave Slagbaai and slowly sail back to the harbor.

    When we sail back you will enjoy the beautiful sunset of Bonaire while we serve you all kinds of different kinds of snacks and drinks.

    Included: Open bar, breakfast, gourmet BQ, snacks, and snorkel gear

    Sailing time: 8.00 am till 7.00 pm

    Rate: $130 pp

    Additional Passenger rate: 130 USD


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2/ Ако одлучите да кренете даље и резервишете чартер, можете само да кликнете на линк за плаћање, да уплатите мали депозит (макс. 15%). Веза за плаћање ће бити послата са потврдом доступности.
3/ Када се депозит уплати, добићете веома детаљну потврду путовања.

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    Одличан дан за пецање у становима. Ухваћена дозвола, Баракуда и огроман Тарпон. Капетан и чамац су били сјајни и створени за одличан дан!

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